Maniac [1980]

Hipster for a Day (Eric Isaacs)

theipclogo1Not too long ago Chris approached me about being a Hipster For A Day and I said “Absolutely, but I’m not wearing any skinny jeans!! Or a scarf!!” He said that was a deal breaker – but since we never see each other in person he shouldn’t have any idea of what I’m wearing today. Or any day for that matter! Anyway – I thought I’d spice up filmhipster with a little saucy 80s horror – in his format. Enjoy!!

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MoonThe film originally had a title song of the same name, but in the end was not used. The lyrics were toned down and the song, ‘Maniac’ was used in Flashdance.


Film #065 of 2013

maniacDirector: William Lustig  Cast: Joe Spinell [The Maniac], Caroline Munro [Anna] & Abigail Clayton [Rita]

Plot: A psychotic man, troubled by his childhood abuse, loose in NYC, kills young women and takes their scalps as trophies. Will he find the perfect woman in photographer Anna, and end his killing spree? Source

50Hipster Eric’s Review: Maniac, directed by William Spinell was definitely bloody and gory as allgitout, but after hearing and reading about this for 30 years I was left disappointed due to the lack of any “fun”.



“I told you not to go out tonight didn’t I? Every time you go out this kind of thing happens.” the Maniac



  • This was one gory MOFO
  • Tom Savini’s exploding head
  • That public bathroom scene was almost scary
  • The chick taking a bath
  • The wicked ass hairdo gracing one of the cop’s head at the end

Biggest Surprise: The penultimate scene where he is confronted by his victims was actually pretty awesome.

Biggest Let Down: I have NEVER EVER seen a porn but I have NEVER EVER understood how Ron Jeremy ever got work *whistles* – superficiality aside, the lead in this looks like an even uglier Ron Jeremy.

Does the Maniac find his dream girl in the end? In a way, yes – he loses his head over her!

Worth a Blu-ray purchase? Probably not unless you saw this when you were younger and have fond memories about it.

Similar to: Every slasher movie ever made since 1980.

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  1. I watched this movie immediately after I heard about the remake happening with Elijah Wood. It’s terrible. Spinell is disgusting ugly and nothing he does I could get behind. Good review in that I completely agree with you. Good movie it is not.

  2. I must be unofficially his biggest fan then! Good stuff here gentlemen :)

  3. Sounds pretty naff but I am interested for the remake. Good stuff.

  4. I do worry about our Eric sometimes! He watches some odd stuff. ;-)
    Nice work here you Hip-cats yous.

    • Thanks Mark, he’s got a great perspective on that genre that’s for sure. I wish I had a quarter of his knowledge in that sector. Thanks for stopping by buddy, I always appreciate it.

  5. Nice review! Maniac is pretty trashy ;) will definitely watch the remake though!

  6. It was directed by William Lustig and stars Joe Spinell as Frank Zito. Other than that, good job.

  7. Was it in cinemas long? Was it hair today, gone tomorrow?

  8. Speaking of Elijah Wood…he was mental in Sin City.

  9. I think your first two bullet points in the highlights are enough of a warning sign for me NOT to ever see this, ahah.

  10. Yawn!! It looks boring and more than anything simply for its time was attempting to be the bloodiest show of its time. Another generic slasher. Boring!

  11. I haven’t seen this one but planning on checking out the remake this weekend.

  12. Fun review. I’m also really excited to see the remake. It’s been getting some rave reviews from people whose opinion I respect. Also, I squarely refuse to believe that quote about the title song. Pics or it didn’t happen.

  13. Aren’t they making a new one of these?

  14. Great review, E! You’ve made me want to add this classic to my list of evil. ;)

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