Evil Dead, 500,000 hits & Jurassic Park 3D


First off, congratulations to Fogs Movie Reviews for reaching 500,000 Page views this week. He’ll be the next Google in no time, you’ll see. Speaking of goals, congratulations to Mike at MikesFilmTalk for hitting 300 followers. Also a big shout out to Tim from Tim’s Film Reviews who celebrated his birthday this week, so head on over there and say hi.

Alright, let’s get started.

We were introduced to some pretty interesting Movie Trailers this week. Flickering Cinema takes a look at The Way, Way Back starring Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell. 3 Guys 1 Movie looked at The Purge and This Is The End in their Tremendous Trailer Trash Tuesday segment. Rhinos Horror posted Matt Damon’s new sci-fi Elysium and birthday boy Tim analyzed the trailer for the 2013 remake of Carrie. Luke’s Film Blog also got into the action by using the Carrie trailer to pose a question to everyone, Have we had enough of Horror Remakes yet?


Speaking of Horror remakes, Mark Hobin from Fast Film Reviews wasn’t too keen on Fede Alvarez’s version of Evil Dead, but we did have some positive reviews from both Cinematic Flashback and An Odyssey Through Film.

evil-dead-image06So you really want to be scared huh? Well Eric over at the IPC reviewed Canada’s gift to the world – The Changeling, The Cinema Monster reviewed Suspiria, Meera Darji barely made it through The Possession and Last Road Reviews examined a few Horror posters from the year 1974 in their Horror by Year article.

tumblr_mc591mzEN71qm7fcfo5_1280What, you like posters? Well head on back to Ryan’s recently revamped website Rhinos Horror, and after you’re done gawking at the new layout, have a gander at his post The Art of Midnight Marauder. It included posters for Drag Me to Hell, the Exorcist, Alien and The Shining.

Well it seems Alien was a popular topic this week because Mr.Rumsey gave it a glowing review over on the Bishop Review. Austin is showcasing Sci-fi films and facts all week,  you can check out Catalin from CinEnema’s review of Virus there as well. Stanley Kubrick was another hot subject this week as Nostra from My Filmviews explored both The Shining and Room 237. Keith gave his opinion on Room 237 as well on Keith and the Movies.

somethingcoolWho likes lists, everybody right? Keith and the Movies shared his 5 Phenomenal Movies From 1983, The Chicago Film Snob listed their Four Movies to Avoid, Cinematic discussed his 10 Best Uses of Outside Songs in Films, Rorschach Reviews gave us his Top 10 Remakes and The Cinematic Katzenjammer lets us know what their Top Casino Scenes were. Over at Flixchatter, Ruth celebrated Russell Crowe’s birthday with her tribute: Top 10 Favorite Roles of the Aussie Thespian. Don’t forget to participate in Eric’s weekly poll What is your favorite from Roger Ebert’s most recent top 10 films of all-time list? over at the The Warning Sign.

somethingcool5Fernando from Committed to Celluloid was a very busy guy this week. Not only was he a Hipster for a Day on my site reviewing Side Effects, but he was having some fun over at Rorschach Reviews with his Blogger Interview. I answered a few questions as well this week, you can read my interview here.

jlo_1_0The Movie Jail ‘Relay Race’ is alive and well – Eric from the IPC released Joss Whedon and jailed Dane Cook, Brian from Hard Ticket to Home Video released Ruben Fleischer and jailed Kevin Smith, and I released Jennfier Lopez and jailed Vince Vaughn. Damn that felt good too. Speaking of Eric and Brian, check out both these guys in this weeks Isaacs Interviews. Lots of hilarious banter going on there.

Over at Head in a Vice, Tyson continued his IMDB Top 250 Films Reviewed with three superb articles. Kim from Tranquil Dreams talked about Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Mark Walker from Marked Movies reviewed Sin City and Chris from Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop discussed Rosemary’s Baby. Check out Chris’s other reviews Trance and A Late Quartet over on his site. Monkeyboy from Bananas About Movies also reviewed Trance while Erik at Movie 140 gave his opinion on A Late Quartet.

jurassic-park-large-picture-1000x662There were plenty of promising reviews this week, both Wordschat and The Cinema Monster reviewed Jurassic Park 3D, each giving it high praise! Java Girl’s Life reviewed 2012′s The ScapeGoat, Dan the Man’s Movie Review’s praised 1978′s Days of Heaven, Film Phage enjoyed Spring Breakers as well as Tom Cruise’s new flick Oblivion and Cinematic probed David Lynch’s Lost Highway.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While some films had positive feedback, others weren’t as lucky. Mr. Rumsey’s Film Related Musings wasn’t impressed with Julia Leigh’s Sleeping Beauty and Dan the Man’s Movie Review’s put a beat down on Robert Redford’s Lion’s for Lambs.

Feeling a little nostalgic? It Rains…You Get Wet, continued their running segment A Theatre…a Movie…and a Time showcasing 1974/Earthquake/Huntington Park Warner Theatre as well as 1974/The Towereing Inferno/Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre. Some really great content here, have a look.somethingcool


Everyone loves a hero right? Well Issy at Filmster decided to pit them against each other, Marvel vs DC style…who will win in the Movie Battle? Zoë at The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger joined in on the superhero fun and reviewed 2002′s Spider-Man.

Animation anyone? Check out Hard Ticket to Home Video’s recommendation Parental Guidance Suggestion: Tangled, Kevin at Claratsi’s Movie Review has a look at Wreck It Ralph, Victor’s Movie Reviews has some fun with Dr. Stangelove in his Spotlight Review and Eric at The Warning Sign lets us know the results of his Poll -  Best Cartoon Series.


Want something a little dirtier? Not safe for work material? Check out my favorite site Let’s Sneak in to the Drive In. This week they present 1966′s A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine and don’t forget about The Bloggers Cut who added their second of episode of Three’s Cumpany. It’s downright restricted!


Looking for something other than film. Julie from Critical Confabulations gives her take on Broadway’s Kinky Boots and Cinderella. Hipster Approved shares a wonderful new musical phenom iTunes Free Single of the Week: Jake Bugg – Lightning Bolt and catch up with the hottest in television The Walking Dead, Arrow and the Game of Thrones over at Sidekick Reviews. Want to read some fun blogs? Check out Jesse In The Universe and Vampire Syndrome as well.


gravatar_logo_5To end the post, let’s have a look at a few blogging tips. Beautiful Orange smartly reminds us Everybody: You should add a link to your blog on your Gravatar profile, MikesFilmTalk talks about Blogging Etiquette. And lastly but not leastly :), Nostra from My Filmviews poses his weekly question What makes your blog stand out from others?

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope I didn’t forget anyone and if I did I’m terribly sorry. I’m just testing this format out to see if anyone likes it. If you would like to be included or excluded from this or future posts, please let me know.

Until next time my blogging friends! Here’s hoping I get 499,000 hits from this post and catch up with Fogs.


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  1. Hey thanks for the link love, Chris, very generous of you. Great posts all around here. Oh and I LOVE your newspaper-y banner you’ve got up there!

  2. Cool shoutout feature, thanks for the links! Btw do you seriously have t-shirts for your site or is that just photoshopped?

  3. Chris you da man! A double mention! Much appreciated. Love the post as well.

  4. Thanks so much for including me in this grand highlight reel, Chris. Very generous and kind of you, my friend.

  5. Very, very honored to be included. Seriously man, thanks! (And the gore in Evil Dead was fun… but the screenplay was awful.)

  6. Great post! Thanks for including me!

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  11. Lovely stuff. Thanks for the shout out my friend, much appreciated!

  12. Great post. And not just because you linked back to me! (but thanks for that – much appreciated)) – it’s always nice to see bloggers speaking well of each other. I’ve only been blogging for just over a month but I need to do more of this.

    • Well its great having you as a part of the community, I very much enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts.

      • Thanks for saying so. I’m actually just polishing up my first ever post about films – despite being a movie nerd, I’ve never actually written about them. It’s really tough! I’m not entirely happy with it but I’m going to put it live soon anyway – would really appreciate hearing what you think. Be gentle with me!

  13. Very nicely done Chris. Tyson was talking about blogrolls on his recent post and wether people use them or not but this is the type of work that kicks a blogrolls ass. This must have take you a while to put together but I’m sure everyone, myself included, appreciate what you’ve done here. Job well done, sir, and thank you for the mention.

  14. By the way, nice picture of J-Lo. I’m not surprised she’s a fan of your work. ;-)

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    Great post…even if he did get my site name wrong! LOL

  16. Dude thanks for the link!! I’ve shared and reblogged this tremendous effort and congratulations on you 500k mark!! Just one little item, it’s MikesFilmTalk and not Mike Talks Film (which is such a damned good blog site name, I wish I’d thought of it) Cheers mate!

  17. This is a great feature, and as others have commented it must have taken you a while.
    I really appreciate the links to my work! Thanks :D

  18. Awesome Post!!!! Thanks for including me in there, very grateful!! Feels nice to see my name in someone else’s blog! Much appreciated, Thanks!!

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    Awesome post as always! A weekly round up of several great bloggers and a true intake on whats happening in the ‘Filmy’ world! Thanks for the feature :)

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    J/K – Just Kidding <3

    Love what you've done, thanks for the mentions, and can I order some of those T-Shirts?

  22. This is GREAT. Thanks for the mentions!

  23. I should get some kind of acknowledgment for trying to create awareness for quality obscure films that hardly anyone has heard of. I keep seeing the same movies getting reviewed over and over and over, meanwhile many hidden gems continue to go unnoticed.

    • Absolutely, I didn’t see any posts of yours this week. I will be sure to include you next week though!!!!!

      • Yeah, my obscure recommendations are on a page on my blog; I haven’t written many new posts recently b/c I’m still waiting for more to acknowledge the movies I posted about “The Hidden Face” – “Head-On” – “With A Friend Like Harry”. I will be glad to write some more recommendations in the future, but why write more now when hardly anyone has noticed the ones I’ve already written? I’m all about quality. Quality over quantity. I don’t really care about views. I just want to create a good blog site. I want a page people can go to and trust to get a trustworthy recommendation. That’s my goal.


    (Thanks for the mentions too)


  25. What about my Elysium trailer review? Hahaha xD

    Thanks for mentioning me, great post with some interesting links :D

  26. Thanks so much for sharing the love Chris, lots of great links and blogs to check out.

  27. This is a really cool feature, man. Thanks for the shoutout!

  28. Fantastic post! Although, I should add that my site is called Bananas About Movies, and not Bananas About Film. But very happy to be included anyway, so it’s no biggie. :)

    The main thing is there’s lots of other posts in there which I’m going to enjoy reading through. :)

  29. Thanks for the mention. I love the look of this whole post.

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    I swear I’ll post something soon rather than re-blogging other pages! For now though, in case any of you missed this new feature – go check out this weeks blogging/film news. It looks pretty fantastic!

  31. Can’t thank you enough for the mentions man, means a lot and it’s very much appreciated! Love this post, gave me a lot of new blogs to check out!

  32. Gracias amigo! Very nice of you ;)

    Great looking post. Your visuals continue to put me to shame. :D I will now go regret my lack of talent. ;)

    JK. Nice post. Huge response, huh?

  33. No idea what’s happening here exactly but I LOVE IT!!!! Wicked cool feature!

  34. Loving this weekly round-up type thing. Thanks for the shout-out! :)

  35. Oyyyyy, this is awesome! Very cool to see more of your writing – and the links are great too, got some great new reading material. Genius layout too!

  36. 500000 :!: . . . Wonderful . . . rather awesome :)

    Nirav .

  37. Congrats!! And thanks for the mention of my Evil Dead review. :-)

  38. Wow..just got home from a weekend hike on the Appalachian Trail with some Boy Scouts. Thought I’d catch up on my ‘Hipster Mail’, and I see a shout-out from you!
    Made my day…

  39. You share a post I not only did not write, but was sponsored and shitty lol. Thanks though!

  40. I’m late to the party, but looking at the amount of replies I think you have a winner here. Thanks for including three links to my humble blog, really appreciate it!

  41. I’m a little late unfortunately, but thanks so much for the link! I truly appreciate it! Excellent feature as well.

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