Oblivion, the Lammy Awards & a little Filth


Okay, let’s try this again. My apologies to those who read the draft version of this post yesterday morning. All the links were there but the post was a mess. I obviously don’t understand the difference between the ‘Draft’ button and the ‘Publish’ button. Oops.

First off I’d like to congratulate Let’s Go To The Movies who celebrated their 6th year on WordPress! Wow! Pretty amazing stuff.


lamb-banner-wideAs most of you know The Lammy Awards are under way. The nominees have been chosen and its time to vote for your favorite! Unfortunately, you can only vote if you’re a Lamb Member so go sign up if you’re not. I’ll do the same. More importantly, I’d like to congratulate all the nominees and give a few extra special shout outs to Head In A Vice, Cinematic Corner, Cinematic Katzenjammer, 3 Guys 1 Movie, Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop, Today I Watched A Movie, Fogs’ Movie Reviews, Marked Movies, Keith & The Movies, Rorschach Reviews, My Filmviews, FlixChatter, Mettel Ray Movie Blog, Cinema Schminema, Rhino’s Horror and Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews. I visit these sites on a regular basis as I’m sure you do as well. Good luck y’all.


Whose ready for some Tom Cruise in space? 2013′s sci-fi Oblivion seemed to get some mixed reviews. While Tim’s Film Reviews, Let’s Go To The Movies and Elena from Film and Coke enjoyed it, Claratsi’s Movie Review, Natalie Stendall and Movie 140 weren’t as thrilled. Bananas About Movies included a Tom Cruise Intense-o-meter in his review, go check it out it’s pretty funny.


Ben Wheatley’s Sigthtseers got two glowing reviews from Mike at Mikes Film Talk and Mark from Marked Movies. I’m looking forward to seeing that film myself.

Brian Helgeland’s 42 is hitting triples, you can view some of those positive reviews from Keith and the Movies, Rorschach Reviews, Fogs Movie Reviews and Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews.

The hype over Evil Dead has calmed down a little since opening week. Parlor of Horror gave their 50 reasons why the new Evil Dead Movie SUCKS! You can read all three parts here: Part 01, Part 02 and Part 03. A good score from The Warning Sign, moderate scores from The Cinematic Frontier, PG Cooper’s Movie Reviews, Committed to Celluloid and 3 lackluster scores from Scott, Griff and Adam over at 3 Guys 1 Movieeach giving the film a 1.5 out of 3.

In the mood for a horrible flick? Check out Fogs Movie Reviews bomb of Scary Movie 5, Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews take on Margot at the Wedding and Cryteria’s bashing of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

It seems the big winner so far is Ryan Gosling’s The Place Beyond The PinesFlickering Cinema, The Chicago Film Snob, Fogs Movie Reviews, 3 Guys 1 Movie and Movie 140 are all raving about it. What? Seems Issy from Filmster thought it was good, but lacked greatness. Oh well, 5 out of 6 ain’t bad.

Another highlight this week was Jurassic Park 3D, Box Office Buzz and Daniel’s Film Reviews both gave it wonderful reviews.

Who hasn’t seen Spring Breakers yet? Uh, me. Here’s a couple of reviews from Lights Camera Reaction and The Warning Sign to get your James Franco fix. Speaking of getting your fix, The Cinema Monster, An Odyssey Through Film and Claratsi’s Movie Review all dissected James McAvoy in Trance.


Only God ForgivesWant to see some wacky posters? Last Road Reviews featured the film posters of Lucio Fulci as well as a fascinating look at Horror Posters from the year:1982. Rhinos Horror took a look at posters for Willow Creek, Spike Lee’s Oldboy, a teaser poster for Only God Forgives and Christian E. Christiansen’s latest flick Where the Devil Hides. Shane from The Cinematic Katzenjammer posted a few posters himself including Bling Ring, The Hangover Part III, The Lone Ranger and The Wolverine in his On the Wall: This Week in Movie Posters feature. Garrett from the Cinema Train showed us his favorite posters of 2013 which featured one of my favorites Mr. Jones. Speaking of artsy, go check out Foogos site where he does some wonderful artwork of Zombies – WWF ZOMBIES: Undertaker and WWF ZOMBIE: Razor Ramon.


Who doesn’t love a classic film? Sam’s Reel Views took a look at Woody Allen’s 1975′s Love and Death, Cinematic Flashback reviewed 1957′s 12 Angry Men and 1955′s Killer’s Kiss, Popcorn Nights examined 1950′s D.O.A. and 1941′s Suspicion while Myfilmviews dedicated a post to 1939′s Wizard of Oz. RobbinsRealm Blog got into the mix as she cued up the string section for Hitchcock’s 1960′s Psycho.


There were a few interesting trailers this week. 3 Guys 1 Movie did a great ‘All Boston Edition’ featuring Gone Baby Gone, The Town, Jaws, Good Will Hunting and The Departed in their Tremendous Trailer Trash Tuesday. Tim from Tim’s Film Reviews reviewed the new trailer for Man of Steel. The Cinema Monster talked Trailer Talk with the Way Way Back, The East, Only God Forgives and Before Midnight. Claratsi’s Movie Review showed us The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer. Meera Darji posted Morgan Freeman’s new film Now You See Me and Bananas About Movies talked about Filth, the movie.


images-22Rhino’s Horror got us up to date on The Shining prequel, The Overlook Hotel, moves forward and What does Stephen King think of the upcoming prequel to the Shining? Vic’s Movie Den was On The Set with Director Ishiro Honda and Cinema Schminema reviewed Sand Sharks!!!! Eric at the IPC reviewed Cube, The Hidden Face, Stakeland and Mask Maker. Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop and CyniCritic​s both reviewed Room 237, Head in a Vice analyzed Grimm Love and Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews talked about The Devil’s Rejects. Don’t miss Screenkicker’s post Why zombies are dead to him now. A great read.


20130416-100523This week we had plenty of lists, here were a few of my favorites. Mark at Marked Movies Tuesday’s Trivia Tidbits featured fun facts from Caper Fear, The 40 Year Old Virgin, The Birds and Apocalypse Now. We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Blog gave us 4 Reasons Why a Movie is Best Seen on the Big Screen. Keith and the Movies shared 5 Phenomenal Non-Western Shootouts.

Whose your favorite Director? ireviewalotofpointlessthings picked her Top 5 and Dean from Film Guide Dublin made his picks on Head in A Vice’s popular Desert Island Films. Films With Cappie gave us his Best of 2012 list while beautifulorange talked about what inspired him: Paul Thomas Anderson.

A few polls wrapped up this week, Eric at The Warning Sign’s Favorite Film from Roger Ebert’s Top 10 List and The Bishop Review gave us his Sci-fi Movie Week Poll Results. Speaking of which, you can catch the last three Sci-fi articles starting with Star Wars by Garrett from Cinema Train, Star Crash by Brian from Hard Ticket to Home Video and Rorschach Reviews Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.


42766-Emma-Watson-Tongue-Bling-Ring-fjqsKevin (aka Jack Deth) spotlighted Walter Matthau on FlixChatter. Ruth also interviewed The Angels’ Share’s Screenwriter Paul Laverty. Both Film and Coke and Mr Rumsey’s Film Related Musings celebrated Emma Watson’s birthday while Knights of Mars Roundtable celebrated Eric Roberts birthday. Mr Rumsey’s Film Related Musings also continued with this month’s Who’s That? Quiz, don’t forget to play! The Dimwit Diary told us How To Make A Sparkly Vampire Twilight Poster in Photoshop and Victor’s Movie Reviews Weekly Wednesday Funny featured A Clockwork Orange. The Cinematic Katzenjammer put Django Unchained to the test in their weekly DVD Court and Movie Jail Relay Race blogothon continued with Ferndando at Committed to Celluloid. Hard Ticket to Home Video’s True or False Trivia feature, one of my favorites, challenged us to two fascinating pieces of trivia with Titanic and Memento.


Want to learn a few tips and tricks for your blog? Tyson over at Head in A Vice discussed Blogrolls in his Question Time XVI – Blogrolls segment. Issy from Filmster talked about tricks and strategies to pull in more traffic on your site. Nostra from Myfilmviews wanted to know if your site has (or would have) a slogan, what would it be? Rorschach Reviews was Live Tweeting terrible movies from the theater in his special feature Two Cents Worth: Tweeting. Cinematic asked What do you do for long movies? The Daily Post gives tips on Branding Your Blog: Let’s Get Visual 101. It Rains…You Get Wet talked about tinkering on his site with his post Blogger? Tinkerer… technically. Great stuff guys.


909193_10100156605959144_361978307_nWant to know more about the BucharEST International Film Festival? Well CinEnemA filled us in with two special posts – Day 1 and Day 2. Hey is that Andy? Yup, Andy Watches Movies discussed the 15th annual Roger Ebert’s Film Festival (aka Ebertfest) in Champaign, Illinois in his post Ebertfest 2013: Day One.

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope I didn’t forget anyone and if I did I’m terribly sorry. Remember, if you would like to be included or excluded from this or future posts, please let me know.

Until next time my blogging friends! Stay fueled!


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  1. LOL. I noticed but didn’t want to be THAT guy, haha. Thought you were just too busy to proofread or something.

  2. Once again, thank you for the mentions! You put some great links up there, will keep me busy for a while. :)

  3. Thanks filmhipster :) I loved it yesterday and I love it again today haha.

  4. I was wondering what was going on with this. Couldn’t quite get a proper look at it yesterday. Page not found was all I got. Anyway, another great post Chris. You serve the blogging world well with. So much attention to other bloggers at your own expense. I take my hat off to you, man. :-)

  5. What a great feature! And congrats to all the Lammy nominees.

  6. Hi, Hipster:

    Great looking digs!

    Finally got all the furniture arranged just right.

    Congratulations on your LAMMY nods!

    And thanks very much for the linkage support.

  7. Great post…Thanks once again for the mention :) Nice write up and great insight on whats happening!

  8. I thought I was going crazy when I tried to post a comment on the other post and then it disappeared as I pushed the button. I thought i’d broken it! Another great post here though mate, and thanks for the shout out for the review and for the LAMMY noms, hope to see you involved in that next year!

  9. Ah, here it is! Thanks for the shout out. And another great post.

  10. All that matters is I’m first on your special mentions bit. All that matters.

    Great post as always this mate, and I look forward to ripping off this idea very soon. Then it will be like Inception and you mention me mentioning you mentioning other sites and no one will know what the hell is going on :)

    • I did mention you first Tyssy baby because you’re the specialist. Sorry it took me so long to respond but it took me days trying to find the proper words to describe your greatest! :)

  11. I thought i went a little mad yesterday when this disappeared! Thanks for the links and just a more general thanks for doing this fantastic feature :)

  12. Once again, this is fantastic. I don’t know how you find the time. Your job must be even more boring than mine.

  13. You sonovabitch! I’ve got this review all queued up (Super 8), and I actually thought to link to your review, too. But I keep pushing it back, because its not brand-new, so I’m posting other stuff, and trying to set up a logical schedule ( Saturday Movie Reviews, Cereal Sunday, Muppet Monday, etc) . So now it looks like you extended the nice guy olive branch first and I’m only returning the favor because I’m obligated to. I hate when my cordial nature appears reactionary!!!!


    Oh. Thanks for the hook-up.

  14. I LOVE this!!! EPIC!!!! Wonderful!!! GREAT JOB!!!

  15. great new look, Hipster! verrry polished. :)

  16. Cheers for the link! Love these posts. Plenty of sites I’ve never had the pleasure of stumbling across before. Liking the new look too. :)

  17. Thanks for the linkage buddy, always appreciated.

    What I find funny is when you collect all our reviews and whatnot, you get to see just how badly people are all over the place on things. LOL. This one liked it, that one didn’t… :D We bloggers, there’s just no pleasing us!

    • It’s true, it’s also funny how the Evil Dead reviews vary. Usually for a movie like this you either love it or hate it. But this one, there’s love, hate and so-so.

  18. This is a massively awesome post, Chris!! Many thanks for the shout-outs man, you da man!

    Again, I LOVE your banners and graphics here, it’s got a retro feel to it, nicely done! Well, I hope to see OBLIVION tonight, we’ll see if that makes my top 10 of Cruise roles :D

  19. I must say, I like these posts. Great Idea, and thanks for the nod, links, etc.

  20. So good, you posted it twice! Thanks for the mention. Much appreciated. I should add that the Tom Cruise Intenseometer is an entirely serious scientific method of measuring Tom Cruise intensity. I’ve already applied for a patent.

  21. Yes! Two plugs, suck it everyone else mwahahaha :D

    Oh the trailer review isn’t linked, just so you know :D

  22. Thanks for the shout out!

  23. Holy crap, I’ll have to go through this when I’m not at work. Looks like a lot of good stuff.

    I wouldn’t worry about publishing drafts. My last post that you “liked” was supposed to be about Robert Pattinson, but the video shown was Jean-Claude Van Damme doing karate. True, sometimes the mistakes can be awesome as well.

  24. Thanks for the shoutout, all the great links to check out… I love that Only God Forgives Poster!! So looking forward to checking that out.

  25. Thanks so much for the links, man! Another awesome job on this, too! I imagine this takes quite some time to compile.

  26. Another great round of highlights & shares, fh. Awesome. And thanks for the shout-out and placing me in grand company.

  27. Thanks for the mention! :)

  28. Replied to everyone but me……..wow, never thought you would stoop so low Canada….. ;)

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