V for Vendetta [2005]

Hipster for a Day (Tom Little)

tomI’d really like to thank Tom for being a Hipster today. Tom has recently reworked the look & feel of his site Digital Shortbread and I think it looks fabulous! He’s always reviewing the latest films and has one of the most impressive rating systems around. Take it away Tom…

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V for VendettaHey guys, Tom here. Chris is currently too busy combatting his Alienware computer virus so I presumed to take over his website for the day and fill everyone in on a little political drama, because we all love discussing political drama. In this case, though, we’ll be talking about the movie V for Vendetta.


Film #094 of 2013

V for VendettaDirector: James McTeigue  Cast: Natalie Portman [Evey], Hugo Weaving [V] & Stephen Rea [Finch]

Plot: A shadowy freedom fighter known only as “V” uses terrorist tactics to fight against his totalitarian society. Upon rescuing a girl from the secret police, he also finds his best chance at having an ally. Source IMDB.com

80Hipster Tom’s Review: Although it wears its patriotism a little heavy on its sleeves for some, V for Vendetta’s unabashed….well, government-bashing is done with such style and eloquence that it really is hard not to enjoy watching post-Parliamentary procedurals collapse under the weight of yet another mystifying Hugo Weaving lead performance.

V for Vendetta


“Remember, remember, the Fifth of November. The gunpowder, treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.” V



  • Hugo Weaving in a Guy Fawkes mask, is somehow more compelling than him as Agent Smith
  • Beautiful cinematography…this film simply oozes color
  • Arguably one of Natalie Portman’s best performances
  • The spittle flying out of Adam Sutler (John Hurt)’s mouth when he gets angry
  • Any of Stephen Fry’s scenes

Biggest Surprise: Natalie Portman’s ability to pull off the short hair look. Very short hair.

Biggest Let Down: The political chastising works itself a little too close to becoming boilerplate arguments for the anti-establishment.

Does the guy get the hot girl in the end? Well, what do you think? It’s a guy in a Guy Fawkes mask!

Worth a Blu-ray purchase? Yes. Blowing up big political buildings in London just has to be experienced on hi-def or Blu-Ray.

Similar to: 1984 [1984], The Matrix: Revolutions [1999].

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  1. Great review, this is probably my favorite role for Hugo Weaving and we don’t even see his face in it. The visuals are amazing and the dialogue soars, glad you chose it for a review

  2. Thanks dude! Likewise, I loved his role as Agent Smith but here he is completely immersed in his role. I was honestly blown away by the fact no one else had yet covered this one!! In my eyes, a modern classic

  3. This is the second review I’ve read on this in as many days. That’s no bad thing, though. I enjoy a bit of anti-establishment and government bashing. Good flick and good write-up Tom.

    • why thank you, sir. yeah i think i saw a couple more right before i saw it posted here. haha it’s such a good one.

  4. Great review. V for Vendetta is one of my favorite films.

  5. I’ve not seen this, but now I’d like to.

  6. “The political chastising works itself a little too close to becoming boilerplate arguments for the anti-establishment”: Well, the film is an adaptation of one of the most political comic book I have ever read. And it’s a brilliant adaptation, actually – this is the only example I could think of that I would dare to say: better than the book. And I bloody love the book. 10/10.

  7. Natalie Portman can pull off any look haha. V for Vendetta is a film that really grows on rewatches. Portman’s accent is pretty good even if a little off at times, but she definitely makes up for it during her more dramatic moments.

    Hugo Weaving is just bloody brilliant in it.

  8. I think I preferred your review to the actual movie! I really wanted to love it – the visuals are stunning – but I found it too cartoonish and morally black and white. If the filmmakers want us to draw parallels with Margaret Thatcher’s Britain and the Bush Administration (and I think they do), I think a more subtle, three-dimensional characterisation of the Norsefire government would feel more uncannily true to life – and all the more terrifying as a result. For Sutler, I would’ve wanted more character traits than ‘is the embodiment of pure evil’ and ‘name sounds a bit like Hitler’.

  9. Hi, all:

    Well detailed critique of a film that looks great and has atmosphere to burn. Though is about 180 degrees off from the comic or graphic novel’s original intent.

    Good catch with Mr. Weaving in his Guy Fawkes mask. Heightens the mystique, mystery and adds a touch of creepiness. Overall, a great looking film that doesn’t accomplish a heck of a lot.

  10. Good review, got plenty to love in this film :D

  11. good review! Good story, great visuals and Natalie Portman. What more do you want? :)

  12. why thank you sir. kinda easy to review a movie that kicks as much a$$ as V for Vendetta!!

  13. also want to make a shout-out to Chris for allowing me to put up my scribblings on this film here. lots of fun, hopefully do another one again sometime soon!

  14. Great review of a great movie! Nice one :D

  15. Nice work, guys!

  16. Nice post, i will share with my friends.

  17. I have the Blu-ray for this and it’s due for a rewatch at some point. Hugo Weaving is phenomenal here acting behind a mask.

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