Maniacs, Zombies & Billionaire Playboys


First off, I’d like to congratulate Mettel Ray Movie Blog as she celebrates her 3rd year of happy movie blogging! Pretty impressive. I’d also like to applaud Life vs. Film who deservedly won the FYC Poster Tournament over at The Large Association of Movie Blogs (The Lamb), I had two designs in the running but lost out somewhere along the line. If you’re a LAMB member this is your last chance to vote for the 2013 Lammy Awards. So go vote!


tumblr_mkt4rqPrjY1qees8xo1_1280Okay, let’s start off with upcoming films we’re all getting excited to see. My most anticipated film this year has to be Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives starring Ryan Gosling. On Tuesday, 3 Guys 1 Movie showcased this film in their Hump Day Have Your Say Feature. The Cinema Monster provided us with their Top 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2013 and Ruth at flixchatter asked us Who gave your favorite performance(s) of 2013 so far?

Check out some of the new Trailers from around the blogosphere: Not Now I’m Drinking a Beer and Watching a Movie previewed The Way, Way Back, Committed to Celluloid featured Turbo in their Coming Attractions post, The Highlight Reel will make you squeal with their look at The Pacific Rim (see Trailer to the lower right) and The Movie Universe showed us the new trailer for The Iceman starring Michael Shannon and Winona Ryder. You want to know what’s happening this summer? Look no further than Fogs’ Movie Reviews where he shares two massive posts of upcoming films in Part 01 and Part 02.

Vic’s Movie Den joined in on this categories fun with character posters from both Kick Ass 2 and Star Trek: Into Darkness. Rhino’s Horror looked at a couple of behind-the-scenes teaser photos from the highly anticipated film Godzilla, you can find these shots of rampage here and here. As if he didn’t scare us enough with that, Ryan also gave us his ‘must-see horror’ for 2013 with a sneak peak at In Fear.


Let’s stay on the topic of spooky and look at this weeks discussions relating to either Horror or Zombies. Tyson from Head In A Vice in his feature Promoting Horror looked at an upcoming creeper called SLASH while Projector Magazine asked us a serious question – Did We Kill the Horror Film? Movie 140, Projector Magazine, SNG Movie Thoughts and Films With Cappie all reviewed cult slasher Maniac starring Frodo Baggins – everyone equally agreed that it was an average to an above average flick. Rhino’s Horror revealed the poster artwork for The Purge, The Haunting of Helena  as well as unused LIFE Magazine photos from Creature From the Black Lagoon!

zombieLet’s talk Zombies – Jack Flacco put together a list of Zombie Movies that were sure to create some excitement, glad he included my favorite Dawn of the Dead. Not only did Parlor of Horror review 2010′s The Aurora Monsters this week but they also reblogged The Morbid Dollhouse – Creepy Horror Dolls post Zombie Dolls. I don’t usually talk about dolls unless it’s GI Joe related but these were pretty creepy and well worth a look. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger considered a zombie yet? Well Cinematic Flashback reviewed The Last Stand where he sure looked like one.

From Zombie’s to Zombie. Rob Zombie that is, his new film Lords of Salem is getting some mixed reviews. While Canadian Cinephile, Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews, Head In A Vice and Projector Magazine were all fairly unimpressed based on their ratings, MikesFilmTalk gave it a glowing review.


Speaking of mixed reviews, these reviewers seem to be on opposite pages. Whose right, whose wrong? Film is all a matter of personal taste so everyone’s right I suppose.

trance-poster-new-movie+(2)Today I Watched a Movie thought The Impossible was only slightly above average giving it a 1.6/3 rating while Vern at The Cinematic Katzenjammer was quite positive in his review The Impossible: Disaster Movie Done Right. Committed to Celluloid, digitalshortbread and Fast Film Reviews all thought Danny Boyle’s Trance was pretty nifty but The Film Oracle and Early Bird Film Society opinions were only iffy. Hey that rhymed. CyniCritics thought Terrence Malick’s film To the Wonder was a C and 3 Guys 1 Movie gave it 2 Guys out of 3. Hey that rhymed too, I’m a poet and didn’t even know it. 100 Films in a Year listed their 5 Worst Superhero Movies while The Phi Phenomenon gave a completely opposite take with their Top 10 Superhero Movies.

An Odyssey Through Film didn’t think Pain & Gain starring Marky Mark and the Rock was very good but both The Phi Phenomenon and Fogs’ Movie Reviews gave it a B+. Issy from The Filmster went slightly further giving it a Grand Rating.


Since we’re on the discussion of Pain & Gain, here’s my quote of the week courtesy of Rorschach Reviews.



“Michael Bay is the Nickelback of movies. His films are loud, shallow, overly sexual and generally unintelligent, yet somehow he still manages to pump out hit after hit.” Rorschach Reviews on Pain & Gain



20130429-015537-amLet’s move from the subject of painful to shitty. The Bishop Review walked all over Nobody Walks with a 1/5 score, nobody enjoyed the festivities of The Big Wedding this week including Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews, Fogs’ Movie Reviews, Rorschach Reviews and The Phi Phenomenon. Mettel Ray Movie Blog didn’t care much for 2013′s The Host, Keith and the Movies flunked Captain Kirk and Bronson in This Means War with 1.5 Stars, Cirque Du Cinema and BETTERTHANIMDB didn’t fall prey to the new Evil Dead release and finally MyReelPOV and Bananas About Movies thought Olympus Has Fallen pretty much sucked stars and stripes. It’s not shitty but it does takes place in the same room, Cinema Parrot Disco named their Top Ten Shower & Bath Scenes In Movies.

Without shitty you could never get perfection. Today I Watched a Movie thought 12 Monkeys was excellent! The Bishop Review gave Django Unchained  a 5/5, Cinemapocalypse loved 1941′s The Wolfman and Kevin from Claratsi’s Movie Review was a guest at Head In A Vice reviewing The Dark Knight with a perfect score.

And if it’s slightly less than perfection then it’s simply recommended. Meera Darji had fun with 2010′s Despicable Me, Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop was very impressed with The Imposter and gave it 4/5 Pigeons, three rows back recommended a film called Rebellion and Eric from The Warning Sign thought Mud made him feel like a teenager again. Tranquil Dreams liked Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events saying it was quite enjoyable and entertaining.

apocnow2Another recommendation I saw this week that stood out was Hipster Approved spotlight on Norfolk Virginia in A Story of Rock N Roll Survival. It Rains…You Get Wet did an in-depth analysis of Bruce Willis’s 2005 film Hostage – not only giving a full review but also examining its Opening Titles. Bruce Willis was also listed in Keith and the Movies 5 Phenomenal Movies Helicopter Scenes with Live Free or Die Hard.

To finish of this shitty category lets head on over to Isaacs Picture Conclusions where the shit is flying everywhere. SHITFEST 2013 is officially underway with Eric’s entry Bloody Mary and a second entry of 88 Minutes from Mark from Marked Movies. Go check it out, it’s a lot of fun!


Lots of interesting reviews for the Iron Man 3 release so far, they’ve been popping up all around the movie community. I still haven’t had the chance to check it out myself but these reviews are really helping me get a feel of how good it might be. So once again I’ve hired my trusted scientists to do some research and I ended up with this chart below that determined an average score from cinephiles that reviewed the Marvel sequel this week.


So for the second time in as many weeks I spent millions of dollars on research to find out something fairly obvious…Iron Man 3 is pretty darn good. You can read each and every one of these fine reviews right here: BETTERTHANIMDB, Cinema Parrot Disco, Claratsi’s Movie Review, Committed to Celluloid, Cryteria, Early Bird Film Society, Films With Cappie, Let’s Go To The Movies, M for Marvelous, Movie 140, MyFilmviews, Natalie Stendall, Sam’s Reel Views, Screenkicker!, The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger and Tim’s Film Reviews.

PrintSticking to the topic of iron and heroes, check out Foogos artwork (see pic left) featuring Iron Man 3 as well as his review of 2007′s The Invincible Iron Man. Film Haiku gave us his poetic take on Iron Man 3Hipster Approved took a look at Hipster Superheros including Iron Man which was super funny (pardon the pun), The Cinematic Frontier worked on a Lobby Display for Iron Man 3 at his theater, Zoë from The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger not only critiqued Iron Man 3 shown above but also watched Iron Man 2  and Nick from The Cinematic Katzenjammer talked about the man behind the mask Robert Downey Jr. And hey, it’s not the Iron Man but it’s related to iron right? Popcorn Nights reviewed Sam Peckinpah 1977 film Cross of Iron.

From iron to heroes – Screenkicker discussed why he thought The Avengers wasn’t that great, Cinema Train reviewed Batman Begins and Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights talked about the not so palatable Batman & Robin from 1997.


The Place Beyond the Pines got more high praise this week from The Phi Phenomenon, Mr Rumsey’s Film Related Musings, The Cinema Monster, Cinema Parrot Disco, and Daniel’s Film Reviews. Wait, did someone say Ryan Gosling? Java Girl from JavaGirl’s Life’s had a slight crush on the Canadian born actor when 20130428-112940-pmshe reviewed his 2007 film Fracture.

Speaking of beyond, let’s go outside our galaxy and talk a little Star Wars shall we? William Jepma reviewed The Empire Strikes Back (10/10), A New Hope (9.5/10), Return of the Jedi (9/10), The Phantom Menace (7.5/10) and Attack of the Clones (6.5/10). Notice how the scores keep decreasing as the series goes on? Since we’re already talking about Star Wars, check out Cinema Parrot Disco’s post Star Wars Inspired Propaganda Poster Art.


Plenty of actors, actresses and directors were spotlighted this week. I always say ladies first because I’m so damn polite, so let’s take a look at Indiana Jones loves interest Marion Ravenwood courtesy of Jack Flacco. Nostra from MyFilmviews showcased the wonderfully talented Michelle Williams in his feature The Many Faces of…, Sati from Cinematic Corner published an article on rising star Saoirse Ronan and in Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights Comic Strip Double Dip Blogathon he featured Uma Thurman in G Girl/Poison Ivy.

Now for the men, Hard Ticket to Home Video showed off an Unsung Hero of Hollywood: James Karen, Lights Camera Reaction exposed Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York and With a Friend Like Gary posted a Funny or Die video of Michael Shannon Reciting an Angry Sorority Letter

And……CUT! Everyone loves directors right? Well Cinematic asked What is Your Least Favorite Movie By One of Your Favorite Directors? Cinematic also got the chance to see The King of Comedy at the Tribeca Film Festival which screened a new restoration for the 30th anniversary. He talked about the experience at the screening as well as seeing Scorsese, De Niro, and Lewis on stage. Anyone jealous?  Rorschach Reviews along with Fernando from Committed to Celluloid also did a spotlight on Scorsese and The King of Comedy. Finally filmguidedublin quentin-tarantinowith special guest contributor Bryan Lynch listed their Five Essential Works of Akira Kurosawa and 3 Guys 1 Movie asked What is Your Favorite Anderson Film?

What? You like Tarantino you say? Well PG Cooper’s Movie Reviews ranked The Films of Quentin Tarantino and check out Marked Movies brand new feature called Classic Scene. This week he profiled Reservoir Dogs and the I Don’t Tip scene. Excellent stuff.


Thanks for reading everyone, I hope I didn’t forget anyone and if I did I’m terribly sorry. If you would like to be included or excluded from this or future posts, please let me know.

I’d also like to thank my Hipsters for a Day this week Tom Little for his political review of V for Vendetta and Michael Boyd with his explosive review of Fast Five. Thanks guys, you both did such a wonderful job and gave me a couple days off. I’d also like to thank Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights for interviewing me in their Follow Friday feature. 

Until next time my cinephiliacs! Keep up the good work.


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  1. Another truly awesome list of shares & articles, Chris. Thank you very much, again, for including me in this gallery :-)

  2. Great round-up! Thanks for the multiple shout-outs! Really appreciate it. Loving the Iron Man 3 coverage :)

  3. Thank you very much for listing my review of The Impossible. I will check out the other links later this weekend. Great post

  4. Thanks Chris! I like your Iron Man chart! :)

  5. I love this newsletter! It is so awesome. Looks like it takes time and effort, and for that I say thank you!!! That Iron Man chart is such a great idea.

  6. Again love the Iron Man 3 graphic, glad I could get some quote love too :) Always love seeing this post, keep up the good work

  7. 2 mentions, you sir are far too nice to me. Thanks again, Chris! Now to scroll back to the top and do some reading :)

  8. Love the Iron Man overall score, brilliant!

  9. Very cool man, thanks for the shout out once again! I love going through all of the other blogs out there, some great stuff in here.

  10. Can I just say that your iron man graphic is freaking awesome ;)

  11. Cheers for the shoutout sir. Love the Iron Man 3 chart too.

  12. Superb stuff mate, loving your work! Thanks for the shout out and I love that iron Man graphic. Very cool!

  13. Thank you for the links! And may I say.. wow at the post itself.. just.. wow – the tags alone scare me (in a good way) ! :D

  14. Man, I love these posts! Sooo many links, so little time. Thanks for the mentions :)

  15. This is a great post. Thanks for the mentions! :-) I agree that the Iron Man graphic is great. But once again you’re all making me feel bad for not totally raving about Iron Man 3. But I’m glad my score helped bring it down a little to a more realistic level. ;-) Really good stuff here – I’m going to spend tonight catching up on reading blogs & I’m going to start by checking out all those above. Looks like some interesting reading!

  16. Excellent post brother and thanks a lot for the mention. This is the first time I’ve been mentioned on someone else’s blog. Appreciate it. Keep up the good work and I, like many others am totally diggin’ the Iron Man chart.

  17. cinemasamurai

    Great post as always. 75 is more than reasonable score for Iron Man 3 I think. Good, with a missed potential of greatness.

  18. great post and huge thanks for the mention :) btw the iron man graphic is awesome!!!

  19. Another great one my friend. This is a great idea and I love the way it’s put together. Bravo!

  20. Great stuff but expect a subpoena for not including my Star Wars post in your Star Wars paragraph.

  21. As always, thanks Chris. Hope everyone appreciates the time and effort you put into this, always a great source of seeing whats going on.

    I love Nickelback, people should never use their name in a bad way :)

  22. Gotta say, this has to be one of my favorite features to read. Always love seeing what’s going on within the blogosphere, and it’s always nice seeing my name on that list. :) Keep up the great work!

  23. Solid, in-depth work again Chris. Really impressive and generous stuff here. As always, thanks for the mentions bro! Too kind my man. Too kind!

  24. Holy wow, that’s a list and then some! Wish I had the time to read even half of those links. And thanks for making me one of them.

  25. EXCELLENT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Thanks Chris for the mention! Lol-ing at the “slight crush” bit. Loving the Iron Man picture you have there with the scores, very clever! I’ll have to check out the Star Wars blogs and all the Beyond the Pines reviews. Keep up the excellent work my friend! :D Your work is always appreciated. Never forget that!

  27. My God man….how long did it take you to compile this? This is an amazing post! And that quote about Michael Bay is so on the nose it’s not even funny.

  28. Loved this entry! Thanks for the mention :)

  29. Another great job. It makes it easier to catch posts I want to check out than wading through the W-Reader.

  30. Love the Iron Man 3 Review pic :D
    So annoyed my stupid week Hiatus means my review the Pacific Rim trailer is unavailable :( Its really good :D

  31. THANK YOU so much for the link love, Chris. LOVE your Iron Man infographic there. I just finished my review and I think 75% is about right. I was quite entertained! Have a great weekend, man.

  32. Great job as always man! Thanks for the link as well :)

  33. Crazy huge list, can’t believe you put these together so often and thanks for giving me the triple threat worth of linkage.

  34. Great work as always!

  35. These posts are so impressive, it’s not even funny. It would take me like a month to put this together.

    That quote about Pain & Gain is the greatest thing I’ve read all week. I have his review up in another tab, but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

  36. Thanks so much for the link! :)

  37. Fueled by Film is fast becoming one of my favorite columns. Thanks for the mention of my The Impossible review. It really touched me. I also liked your Iron Man chart. My review would’ve fallen in the 70th percentile.

  38. Damn it Mark Hobin that is exactly the line I was going to use.

    Anyhow me likey this feature it make me happy. ;-)

  39. Okay – I’ve just spent ages clicking on the links in this and I’m only halfway through. It’s 1:00 in the morning – I need to sleep. This must take you ages to put together! Thanks again for the mentions – I really appreciate it. :-) Gonna sleep & then I’ll be back. (Yeah, I just heard that as Arnold Schwarzenegger in my head…)

  40. This feature without a doubt is my favourite thing in film blogs. I always look forward to the next one. Great stuff Chris

  41. Yes! just yes!. Brilliance yet again from filmhipster,com = )

  42. Thanks Chris!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Iron Man as well. I think I’m going this weekend.

    What are your thoughts on 3D?

    Worth the up-charge, or am I a cheap bastard?

    Thanks again!

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