Into Darkness, Hipster Heroes & Monster Makers


Where to start? Hey I know, what about the 2013 Lammy Awards?

As most of you know The Large Association of Movie Blogs (or simply The Lamb) started handing out their awards this week and here are a few of the lucky recipients so far…3 Guys 1 Movie took home Best Rating System, Fogs’ Movie Reviews won Funniest Writer, French Toast Sunday had the Best Blog Design, Nick Powell from the Cinematic Katzenjammer claimed Best New LAMB, Best Classic Film Blog went to 100 Years of Movies, Rhino’s Horror scooped up the Best Horror Blog award and finally Poster Collective was tops in the Best Movie Element Blog category. Congrats winners and nominees.

mad-max1Not sure about you, but I’m super excited about the upcoming sci-fi Mad Max: Fury Road starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. Well to tide you over until 2014, Mr Rumsey’s Film Related Musings posted a nice little Short film called Mad Max Renegade created by Paul C. Miller, it’s about 9 minutes long and it’s a lot of fun so check it out when you have some time. Lots of people are wondering if Guillermo del Toro’s new action extravaganza Pacific Rim will be any good. Tim’s Film Reviews thought so when he reviewed the trailer and gave it an A. Knights of Mars Roundtable wasn’t exactly sure what to expect in his article Why, Guillermo Del Toro, Why?  Lots of new trailers this week including Elysium brought to you by Not Now I’m Drinking a Beer and Watching a Movie,  Bizzam!! took a gander at George Clooney’s new space adventure Gravity and The Film Oracle brought us Girl Most Likely and Thor: The Dark World.


Since we’re on the topic of anticipation, I cannot wait to see Danny Boyle’s Trance. So without further ado here’s a my favorite quote this week courtesy of Films and Coke from her review.


“It tickles my psychology sense and my mental illness sense and satisfies my craving for aesthetics.” Elena – Films and Coke



haunting-of-helena-007In the mood for something a little spookier? Well Rhino’s Horror showed us a few new stills from The Haunting of Helena as well as two posts talking about the latest cast members Sarah Gadon and Dominic Cooper in the upcoming film Dracula.

Tyson from Head In A Vice thought Australian made horror Wolf Creek was a solid 7 Heads in a Vice out of 10 while Z from The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger gave the same score to 1981′s The Evil Dead. Speaking of Evil Dead, check out this awesome Jason Edmiston’s Evil Dead 2 print courtesy once again of Ryan from Rhino’s Horror. Both With a Friend Like Gary and Films With Cappie have had enough of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, Last Road Reviews took a look at Hellraiser: Deader on Blu-ray, CinEnemA gave Maniac a perfect 5/5  and The Highlight Reel listed their Worst Horror Movie Cliches.

2381837-a9b90fe7cb9c49278be5298e78c8f2dc74f3f88d-s3Monster-Maker Ray Harryhausen was remembered this week by both 3 guys 1 Movie and parlor of horror. Each did a small tribute to the man that produced the visual effects for Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts and The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. Hard Ticket to Home Video also got into the action with their True or False Trivia featuring Jason and the Argonauts as well as their Shake the Scene featuring Clash of the Titans.


I know when I wake up in the morning and have my coffee, the first thing I look forward to is reading the movie lists that you fine folks make. Here were a few that tickled my fancy this week. Yes, I just said that.

zach-galifianakis-gq-may-02Georgina from filmspot did a fascinating list with her Top Five: Antiheroes, The Cinema Monster posted his Top 10 Emerging Directors, Keith and the Movies named his 5 Phenomenal Movie Cemetery Scenes, Fogs’ Movie Reviews revealed his The Top Ten Leonardo DiCaprio Movies, Eric from The Warning Sign unveiled the results from his poll Favorite Movie Decade, My Filmviews asked What’s your favorite Jim Carrey role? in his Many Faces of… feature, Mettel Ray Movie Blog showed us plenty of beard in her Love Me Some: Beard post and last but not least Ruth from Flixchatter listed her top 8 movies on Head In A Vice’s famous feature Desert Island Films. Surprisingly enough there was only one Bond film.


Star Trek or Star Wars, which one do you like best? Well, here’s a bit of both for everyone.

Tim from Tim’s Film Review was a very busy guy in terms of Star Trek content this week. First he asked the question Who Would You Have Captain The USS Enterprise? That’s easy as Jean-Luc Picard is clearly the man. Tim also reviewed 2009′s Star Trek giving it a 95%. 100 Films in a Year also gave their take on this gem giving it a bold 4/5 while Keith and the Movies wasn’t as impressed awarding it with only 3.5 stars.

Anyone else getting pumped up for this years Star Trek Into Darkness? Well guess what? Tim from Tim’s Film Review was on top of it once again giving it a 94%, 1% less than what he gave it’s predecessor. Movie 140 and Natalie Stendall also reviewed the new blockbuster and both gave it a warp factor score of 4/5.

starwars-art-r2d2Okay let’s move on to Star Wars, obviously the inferior of the two franchises….oops was that an out loud thought? Vivek from The Cinematic Katzenjammer picked his six Best Star Wars moments, Cinema Parrot Disco not only revealed 5 Unseen Pictures from Return Of The Jedi – she also showed us some pretty cool Zombified Star Wars Charactersfilms and coke wished everyone a  Happy Star Wars day, The Dimwit Diary did a tutorial on How To Photoshop Your Gremlin Kids Into A Star Wars Poster and Hipster Approved posted a funny Happy Hipster Star Wars Day with May the 4th Be with You… William Jepma finished off his reviews of the Star Wars films with Revenge of the Sith giving it an 8.5/10 and was featured on Head In A Vice reviewing The Empire Strikes Back giving it yet another perfect score on Tyson’s IMDB TOP 250 Films Reviewed.


Did someone mention stars? Well Robert Downey Jr. and the Iron Man are definitely stars as they light up the big screen in Iron Man 3.  And yes it’s official, everyone has seen this blockbuster except for me. So I asked….


As you can see from my tedious and somewhat pointless research, Iron Man 3 is hip according to you film bloggers out there. You can read all these wonderful reviews right here!, An Odyssey Through Film, Bizzam!!, Box Office Buzz, The Cinematic Katzenjammer, Daniel’s Film Reviews, Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews, digitalshortbread, Fast Film Reviews, Fat Guy With Glasses, The Filmster, flixchatter, Fogs’ Movie Reviews, Foogos, Keep It Reel Reviews, keithandthemovies, Love Your Movies, MyReelPOV, PG Cooper’s Movie Reviews, Popcorn Nights, Rorschach Reviews, This is Madness!, three rows back, Tranquil Dreams, Today I Watched a Movie and William Jepma.

Speaking of Iron Man, don’t miss Failed Critics Podcast of Iron Man 3 as well as reviews of both Iron Man and Iron Man 2 by Daniel’s Film Reviews. Since we’re talking Marvel super heroes, I don’t want to forget about Vic’s Movie Den who posted two cool articles that showcased set pictures and a short video of stunt vehicles from The Amazing Spiderman 2 being shot in his home town of Rochester, New York. Also, Box Office Buzz talked about Beyond The Avengers and how Marvel prepares for Phase 2 of superhero franchise.


What else was out there this week? Well Chris from Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop reviewed my favorite rom-com of 2012 Ruby Sparks, Marked Movies analyzed Academy Award Winner The Secret In Their Eyes, check out the review of Big Fish by JavaGirl’s Life, Film Jam loved Jack Black in Bernie, Cinematic Corner profiled my favorite film of all time Drive in their Movie of the Month feature, BETTERTHANIMDB had a look at the birth of the vibrator in 2011′s Hysteria, Fernando from Committed to Celluloid made it through Anna Karenina in his Flash Review and Let’s Go To The Movies thought Seth MacFarlane’s 2012 comedy Ted wasn’t very good. Speaking of recent films…Cinematic asked Which Recent Films Do You Think Will Age Well?

tumblr_m8w1eof6uG1re4uqoo1_1280Have you had enough of new films? Want to check out something a little more classic? Well go no further than It Rains…You Get Wet where he did a wonderful job recapping the films he saw at the TCM: Classic Film Festival, from 1968′s The Swimmer to 1975′s Three Days of the Condor. If that’s not enough classic then check out these reviews…The Phi Phenomenon took a look at 1964′s Dr. Strangelove, RobbinsRealm Blog was in court for 12 Angry Men, The Vern’s Video Vortex’s All Time Classics featured Woody Allen’s 1979 masterpiece Manhattan and finally Cinemapocalypse gave a perfect score to Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance.


Who will win SHITFEST 2013? Check out the new submissions over at Isaacs Picture Conclusions. Kevin from Claratsi’s Movie Review didn’t like Dreamhouse starring Daniel Craig, Bananas About Movies thought Stephen Baldwin’s Shark in Venice (see below image) was horrible, me myself and I took a dump all over Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Premium Rush, host of SHITFEST 2013 Eric reviewed Five Across the Eyes and Live Animals, Biffer On Film bashed the hell out of Spielberg’s War Horse and Tranquil Dreams took a bite out of 1996′s Bad Moon. And finally Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights wanted to add to the Shitty category with his question: Do You Enjoy Watching Bad Movies?


Okay, okay, Stephen Baldwin…it’s over, it’s over!!!


Thanks for reading everyone, I hope I didn’t forget anyone and if I did I’m terribly sorry. If you would like to be included or excluded from this or future posts, please let me know. Also, just in case you missed the previous issues of Fueled by Film you can check them out here…Issue 01, Issue 02, Issue 03 and Issue 04.

I’d also like to thank Nostra from MyFilmviews for being my Hipsters for a Day this week – he did a fun review of Al Pacino’s Phil Spector. I would also like to thank Eric from theIPC for contributing to my new feature Texting Tuesdays which turned out to be a lot of fun. This week Misty from Cinema Schminema will be my guest!

Until next time my cinephiliacs! Keep up the good work.


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  1. your community posts get sexier and sexier, Chris. The Star Wars article was written by Vivek, however. Not I. I don’t believe in Star Wars lol

  2. Another great newsletter, they really make me happy. Get to see so much stuff I would otherwise not have come into contact with!

  3. Again, one of my favorite features! Love it bro! Simply love it!

  4. Fantastic post, as always! Thanks for the shoutout and congrats to the Lammy winners!

  5. Great stuff once again! Plenty of good stuff here to keep me busy over the weekend.

  6. Another great week of articles and reviews (and other stuff!). A few gems here that I missed. Thanks for featuring me :)

  7. Congrats to Ryan over at “Rhino’s Horror” for winning best horror blog – and congrats to the other winners, as well!

    Thanks for the mention on here this week about my Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D review; it’s a bit of a mockery if anyone is interested in giving it a look, it’s the most recent entry on my blog. I’ve been telling everyone if you watch it as a comedy, it’s great! :)

  8. Great job again! Looking forward to clicking on all these links tonight. And thanks for the mention again. :-)

  9. Good job Chris and thanks for the mention again!

  10. Again, thanks for the link and great choice of imagery with Galifinakis over there.. he just lights up the post! :D

    PS: I haven’t seen Iron Man 3, so you’re not the only one….for the next 4 hours cause I’m gonna see it today! ;)

  11. Nice one mate, good stuff! And thanks as always for the link :)

  12. As always, wonderful stuff Chris. Thanks again for the shout out buddy.

  13. Mad love for the shout out man. It is really awesome that you take the time to promote other people’s work like this.

  14. For me, bad movies are like Halloween candy. You really shouldn’t be eating ANY of that junk, but Reese’s cups and ALmond Joys are AMAZING. They’re like bad movies you can watch over and again. It’s the Smarties and Necco wafers of film you gotta watch out for.

    And no Iron Man 3 for you yet? Whub whub whaaaaaaaat?

    • Wow that is one hell of an analogy! Now I feel like some Smarties god damn it!

      Yeah I’ll check it out soon. Hockey playoffs are on so that’s keeping me away from the theater.

      • Playoffs you say? I poop hockey every morning. Even though I hate the NHL right now, I can’t help but sneak in some highlights and turn my barstool toward the appropriate TV. Who’s your team?

        • I’m a Leaf fan! Or born into leaf fan.

          • Phew. If you said Rangers, I would have been forced to unsubscribe and curse you until the internet broke. Your Leafs need a big win tonight, but I think even if they take Game 5, Boston is too good to let this series slip away. But I’ve got no horse in that race, so I’ll pull for Toronto!

            • LOL, yeah Boston is one heck of a team and they have our number. Thanks to that friggin’ Kessel trade! Should be a good one tonight though, lots of excitement in this city for them after a long playoff drought.

  15. Damn, I’ve written a Star Wars article but i haven’t posted it yet! Anyway, Chris, this is great as always. Best community post on the web!

  16. Nice feature. That caption with Stephen Baldwin had me laughing pretty hard.

  17. Thanks for the link, that is an awesome choice for favorite movie!

  18. Thanks again for the ‘Shout Out’.

    Oh…and I’m going to see Iron Man 2 after school today!

  19. This is going to be pretty invaluable later tonight, as I have been absent from my blog for the last week and need to do some serious catching up with other people’s post!
    Thanks again for linking me up buddy!

  20. My favorite post(s) on the internet!!!!

  21. Nice post. Thanks for the nod.

  22. Thanks Chris – appreciate the link and also the time and effort you must put into these posts. I’m off to click on a few links now.

  23. Congrats to all the Lamby winners! Thanks again for the weekly run-down. Much awesome stuff, so little time!

  24. Thank you very much for the mentions, just two things the star trek 2009 review isn’t linked and my trailer review got a score of A rather than 4/5. I AM THE NIT PICKER!!!

    Some great stuff on here, I have already seen most of it but there are some bloggers I haven’t heard of before and will be checking out, if you think they are so great :D

  25. I LOVE your FUELED BY FILM posts, Chris and the design is just so cool! Thanks for the link to my Desert Island post, that was fun to do :D

    Hey I’m excited for Mad Max: Fury Road too, LOVE Tom Hardy and he’d rock the role!

  26. Thank you very much for the mention and the link to my blog.

  27. Another stellar group to be associated with, Chris! I have to say, I love the format. Well done and many thanks for including me.

  28. Hey man, thanks for the mention. And pretty awesome feature, btw. :)

  29. Hipster, may I ask? Are your posts showing in the reader for all those tags you use? I only ask as it’s a good way to branch out and thinking of using so many myself.

  30. These posts give me a little tingle in my pants.

  31. You obviously don’t read enough film blogs ;-)

  32. Thanks for including me! Being in these posts makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  33. I love these posts. Hooray for Iron Man 3!!

  34. I don’t mind being featured, but if you could feature me a) more than anyone else b) maybe even my own dedication page c) never mention that Eric fellow. Cheers :)

    Seriously though, I look forward to you walking away with the Community Lammy next year. This is a superb post and the effort you put in is to be admired. Even if its a ploy to get people reading. Keep it up Canada :)

  35. Thanks so much for the link, man! Awesome job once again!

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