Maniac [2013]

maniacKhalfoun says audience members have vomited and fainted which he takes as a compliment. “In an LA screening  somebody passed out, which I pat myself on the back for.”


Film #103 of 2013

maniacDirector: Franck Khalfoun  Cast: Elijah Wood [Frank], Nora Arnezeder [Anna] & America Olivo [Frank's Mother]

Plot: The owner of a mannequin shop develops a dangerous obsession with a young artist. Source

80Hipster Review: Maniac is ultimately better than your standard slasher fare with its fleshy explosiveness and a seductive soundtrack pulled straight from Cliff Martinez’s composition in 2011′s Drive…it’s raw gore may not appeal to all tastes but I was impressed enough by Franck Khalfoun’s stylish ‘point of view’ direction and the casts overall performance to highly recommend it. Watched May 10, 2013.



“I will never, ever, let them take you away from me. You’re mine now forever. And, I’m so happy.” Frank



  • Internet fishing, migraines, split personalities and anxiety
  • Mannequin fetishes, coke and threesomes
  • The lovely Nora Arnezeder as french photographer Anna
  • Martin the toothpaste commercial king gets it good in the mouth
  • Stapling victims hair to Mannequins

Biggest Surprise: How bloody disgusting the scalping scenes were.

Biggest Let Down: It’s voyeuristic nature may turn viewers off.

Does the guy get the hot girl in the end? He gets a whole bunch of hot girls but they’re all made of plastic.

Worth a Blu-ray purchase? As much as I enjoyed the film, I think I’d be happier to just buy the soundtrack on iTunes.

Similar to: Manic [1980], Don’t Go in the House [1980].

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  1. Going to be seeing this in the very near future. I’ve heard a lot of great things and I’m happy to see that you enjoyed it!

  2. Great review, Chris! This one sounds…interesting!

  3. Elijah Wood expanding his repertoire, then. It looks interesting to me.

  4. The original is something I care not to ever check out again, as it’s just dirty in all the wrong places. However, the story was curious and seeing the remake with Elijah put this movie on my radar. Excited to see that you got a chance to catch it.

  5. It was great. There is something I really loved about this film – it’s creepy.

  6. It’s gorgeous and unsettling. A billion thumbs up!

  7. I remember not liking the original too much, but this looks pretty interesting.

  8. good review! It was unexpectedly good. shame we don’t get horrors like that often.

  9. hmm…interesting. Elijah Wood as a maniac. This could be worth checking out. Nice review!

  10. Nice one Chris. I really wanted to see this at the cinema but it wasn’t around for very long. Definitely want to check it out when it’s released on Blu.

  11. Good review. :-) I’ll stick with Andrew McCarthy’s mannequin fetish, I think – this one sounds pretty gross! But the soundtrack sounds like it’s much better than Jefferson Starship… ;-)

  12. Nice review Chris. The soundtrack was great. I enjoyed the gruesomeness as well but unfortunately Maniac felt a bit pretentious for me. Frodo was solid nonetheless.

  13. I like the way it looks… hmmm should test the waters with this one sometime!

  14. This still hasn’t made its way to my city yet, but will be sure to check out as soon as the opportunity presents itself. I watched “Wilford” recently and thought it was genius for Elijah Wood to go from wussy people pleaser to demented psycho! Elijah NAILS this role, too! Not a lot of actors can play such a convincing wussy and such an intimidating serial killer.

  15. Sounds good, nice to hear you be positive about it, heard mixed things so far.

  16. I honestly hadnt even heard of this movie. Got right past me! I like slasher flicks, so I’ll be interested in checking it out when it comes around! Thanks!

  17. A remake of William Lustig/Joe Spinell’s cult horror classic?

  18. I’m all over this – if it ever comes out where I live……..

  19. “Mannequin fetishes, coke and threesomes” the perfect Mother’s Day!

  20. Frodo um, Elijah Woods seems to relish in being bad. Is he scarier here than in Sin City, Chris?

  21. As a huge fan of the original I’m on the fence about this. Odds are at some point I’ll see its due to the positive feedback so far

    • It’s wonderful! You’re going to love it. It never holds back in terms of gruesomeness if that’s what you’re worried about.

      • Not so much that but the look, I love the raw gritty look. Shooting on 16MM helped. But here’s an example.

        The remake of Last House on the Left. It had violence. Rape scene was actually longer yet I was always aware I was watching a film whereas the original was raw and gritty.

        That’s what worries me on the Maniac remake

  22. Nice review. I haven’t heard of this before, but it sounds intriguing.

  23. Apparently this came out 15th March in the UK. Probably in one cinema about 100 miles from me, as I never saw it anywhere. Good review. Always thought Elijah was a bit creepy anyway.

  24. I was thoroughly gutted that the UK release was so limited for this. There were literally about 6 screens showing it in the entire country. Ridiculous. I’m looking forward to catching this when it comes out on home release. I loved Wood in Sin City as the creep, so I’m eager to catch this. Great review dude – got me excited for it again.

  25. I heard bloody disgusting, so I am in :D

  26. Awesome review! I’m looking forward to this one.

  27. Elijah is good at playing a little creeper, and it looks like he’s doing solid work once again. haha… I’m kind of jealous that you’ve seen this, and yet, I’m also hesitant because it’s probably pretty gruesome.

  28. Giving this a watch right now. I don’t know if I am going to love 1:30 of this POV business.

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