Tribbles, Hangovers & the Great Gatsby


So you might have wondered what happened to Fueled by Film last Friday. Well I was on vacation and polished off a few kegs, so this week we’ll have to combine the last two weeks into one super terrific post. Sound good? Excellent, let’s get started.

tyFirst and foremost I’d like to congratulate my buddy Tyson Carter from Head in a Vice who found out last week that he was becoming a dad! You can read the story in its entirety here. I’d also like to congratulate Fogs’ Movie Reviews who pretty much swept the Lammy Awards this year…you can see a full list of the Lammy Award Winners here at The Large Association of Movie Blogs.


the-great-gatsby-warner01Well maybe The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan wasn’t as great as many had hoped. The reviews seemed to be all over the place but these folks – Alchemist’s Blend, Daniel’s Film Reviews, Keep It Reel Reviews, Keith and the Movies, Let’s Go To The Movies, The Movie Universe , Cinema Train, Fogs’ Movie Reviews, Natalie Stendall, The Phi Phenomenon and William Jepma all had positive things to say about it.

On the fence with average to above average scores were An Odyssey Through Film, Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews, digitalsho​rtbread, Jackanory Reviews, Film Jam, Movie 140, Flixchatter, The Cinema Monster, Today I Watched a Movie, The Cinematic Katzenjammer and Rorschach Reviews. On the other hand, Fast Film Reviews, CyniCritics, Film Haiku, Victors Movie Reviews and Cinematic all thought it was pretty crappy.

Speaking of mulligans, Nostra from My Filmviews featured Carey Mulligan in his The Many Faces of… feature, Zoë from The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger did a beautiful job reviewing Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby and The Warning Sign revealed his poll results for Most Anticipated Summer Blockbuster. SPOILER ALERT: Oddly enough The Great Gatsby won. Huh!


supermanFrom pretty great to wonderfully super! I’m getting the feeling that everyone is rather stoked for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel this summer. My question is, where will Clark Kent change into Superman if all the phone booths have been removed from Metropolis? I hope Henry Cavill will figure it out.

Alright, if you haven’t been following The Cinematic Frontier’s 75 Years of Superman posts this week then you’ve been missing out. Thankfully FBF has all the posts right here so first take a look at the very cool Superman Statue he found. He also posted a two part special on why he thought Bryan Singer shouldn’t have made Superman Returns. You can read both parts here, Part One and Part Two.

Ruth from Flixchatter shared a fascinating post called Man of Steel Countdown – Superman and me, she discussed the man from Krypton and made us all jealous with two very awesome Christopher Reeve signed pictures (see pic above right). Bizzam weighed in on the Superman craze by showing us a couple of new Man of Steel posters: poster 01 and poster 02 and in preparation for the new addition to the franchise – It Rains…You Get Wet talked about Richard Donner’s 1978 film Superman: The Movie.

article-robocop-statue-robo-3Okay, now that we’ve covered Superman, let’s talk about some other superhero posts that popped up last week. In his Superhero Shorts feature, Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights talked to Jesse V. Johnson about his Wonder Woman concept trailer. He also asked us Why do Superhero Movies Appeal to You? The talented Foogos gave us a glimpse at his incredible The Mighty Thor artwork. Bananas About Movies had a few pictures of Robocop’s statue near completion in Detroit (see pic left), John Link Movies reviewed and was so-so on The Amazing Spider-Man, Asian Cinema Blog took a look at Yimou Zhang’s Hero, With a Friend Like Gary was all excited about Michael Shannon’s performance in 2013′s The Iceman. Who said Westley wasn’t a hero? JavaGirl’s Life spent some time talking about one of my favorite films of the 80′s The Princess Bride. Iron Man 3 isn’t old news yet, reviews were still coming in from The Phi Phenomenon, films and coke, Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop, Mettel Ray Movie Blog and The Bishop Review.


Alright, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!!!! How did Star Trek do amongst all you crazy reviewers out there? Well wait no longer folks, with the help of Spock I’ve calculated your ratings in Warp drive FTL propulsion system units. Here are your results!!


As you can see by this sophisticated chart, Star Trek: Into Darkness was well received around the Blogosphere in its early release. You can check out all these wonderful reviews right here – An Odyssey Through Film, Amonymous’ Blog, Better Than IMDB, Bizzam, Box Office Buzz, CinEnemA, The Cinema Monster, Cinema Parrot Disco, The Cinematic Frontier, The Cinematic Katzenjammer, Committed to Celluloid, Cryteria, CyniCritics, Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews, Daniel’s Film Reviews, Early Bird Film Society, Fast Film Reviews, Film Jam, The Film Oracle, Films with Cappie, The Filmster, Flixchatter, The Focused Filmographer, Fogs’ Movie Reviews, Hard Ticket to Home Video, Keith and the Movies, Knights of Mars Roundtable, Let’s Go To The Movies, The Movie Universe, Popcorn Nights, Rogue the Girl, Rorschach Reviews, Sam’s Reel Views, Shannon A Thompson, Screenkicker, Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop, This is Madness, Three Rows Back, Today I Watched a MovieTranquil Dreams and Victors Movie Reviews.

20130521-100550-pmHey, did anyone else notice that every Star Trek Into Darkness review had the image of Alice Eve (see pic right) in her underwear? Well Cinema Parrot Disco noticed and she posted an apology from a Star Trek writer for the Unnecessary Underwear Scene. Not only that, she also reviewed Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Wrath Of Khan and 2009′s Star Trek. Phasing from Star Trek to Star Wars, Fogs’ Movie Reviews wanted to know what you liked better – Star Trek or Star Wars? And the winner was???? Find out here! Speaking of Star Wars, wherewolftherewolf gave us their Star Wars cast predictions for the upcoming film and Lukes Film Blog would like to wish Return of the Jedi a Happy 30th Birthday. Damn I feel old.


There was a whole bunch of shit going down at Isaacs Picture Conclusions. SHITFEST 2013 is about to wrap up it’s monthly contest and the submissions have been nothing short of shit. Wide Weird World Of Cult Films reviewed both The Nail Gun Massacre and Forever Evil, With A Friend Like Gary took apart Dolemite and Birdemic, SHITFEST host Eric crapped on Sugar Boxx, Wicked Lake and Mortuary, Flights, Tights And Movie Nights took a swipe at Batman And Robin, Cinema Schminema got stuck in the middle of the ocean with Shark Week, Head In A Vice hated 2012′s The Devil Inside, Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop poked fun of Arnold’s Hercules In New York, the mysterious Scrotey exposed Spring Break Massacre, Sir Phobos at Knights Of Mars Roundtable laughed about Keannu Reeves in Johnny Mnemonic, 5 Word Movie Reviews was forced to sit through both Sex And The City and Abduction, Hard Ticket To Home Video did a special Mother’s Day post and Deep Red Rum wasn’t too frightened of Spookies or Death Spa.


Since we’re already talking shit, we had some early reviews for The Hangover Part III. The Focused Filmographer gave it a 1.5/5 while Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews was just as unimpressed giving it a 3/10. What a bunch of shi-…oh wait…Rorschach Reviews gave it a 7.0/10? Perhaps it isn’t bad after all?

sasquatchassaultupdatenews1Here are some more great reviewers reviewing some shitty movies…Reel Ex-Stream assaulted Assault of the Sasquatch with 4 turds, PG Cooper’s Movie Reviews gave Pain and Gain a painful D+, Movies Movies and more Movies had the unfortunately pleasure of watching Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez in Parker, Meera Darji didn’t like either Jab Tak Hai Jaan or Dhobi Ghat and 100 Films in a Year wasn’t impressed with Pacino/DeNiro’s 2008 Righteous Kill. Neither was I.

I found this comparison really funny…while Misty from Cinema Schminema gave Asylum’s rip off version of Hansel & Gretel a glowing review, Erik from Movie 140 watched the real version Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and gave it a big thumbs down. And to finish off the category, I hand it over to 3 Guys 1 Movie who asked in their Hump Day Have Your Say feature How Does Damon Lindelof Keep Finding Work? Adam really wants to know.

The anticipation was killing me all week so thankfully Cinematic asked the all important question – What Movies Are You Looking For This Summer? Well my most anticipated films this year all had one thing in common…Ryan Gosling. First, his reunion with Nicolas Winding Refn in Only God Forgives, secondly his already highly praised film The Place Beyond the Pines with reviews still trickling in from Claratsi Movie Review (4/5), Film Phage (3/5), Miscrawl (4 Stars), Sam’s Reel ViewsBetter Than IMDB (8/10) and My Filmviews (9/10). Last but not least, the Gosling connection I’m super excited about is his directorial debut How to Catch a Monster which was featured on Rhino’s Horror.

But in terms of anticipation, Rhino’s Horror delivered once again by showing us the new trailer for V/H/S/2 which had me in goose bumps! Check out the trailer (video left).

Tim at Tim’s Film Reviews was once again a busy guy analyzing trailers for Europa Report, Riddick and The World’s End. Not to be outdone, Frame Rates showed us Anchorman: The Legend Continues, William Jepma took a peek at the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. trailer, The Film Oracle posted trailers for both Ender’s Game and Captain Phillips, Jackanory Reviews presented Byzantium featuring Saoirse Rohan and Sam Riley, Not Now I’m Drinking a Beer and Watching a Movie revealed Ron Howard’s Rush, Yards of Grapevine took a look at Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, Committed to Celluloid talked about Don Jon in his Coming Attractions feature and finally Screenkicker showed us some pictures from the upcoming film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.


Okay, we’re getting into the spooky stuff now. Let’s start with my favorite quote of the week which comes courtesy of Michael from Screenkicker in his post Branches of Evil : A Celebration of Scary Trees.


“I immediately regress to childhood and think about being totally freaked out by an evil tree…I don’t trust nature, it stings, it pricks, it hilariously bends back and slaps you in the face with its leafy hand.” Michael – Screenkicker



gnomesWhile Baked Movie Reviews dove into their archives pulling out 1982′s The Thing, Ryan at Rhino’s Horror showed us the groovy new Mondo poster of that very same film. Who wants to see a revamp of Poltergeist? Ryan revealed that the remake is really a sequel and also let us know about a few other plot details for the Sam Raimi produced film. Killer Kalyn interviewed the very talented Gary Pullin and Dee Wallace’s daughter Gabrielle Stone.

3 Guys 1 paris-house-of-waxMovie gave American Mary 2 Guys out of 3, Last Road Reviews freaked us all out with their review of 1981′s Final Exam and Spikor from Fat Guy With Glasses gave Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter a perfect score! Not Now I’m Drinking a Beer and Watching a Movie live tweeted his review of 1954′s Creature from the Black Lagoon which was a lot of fun and something you should check out.

There were quite a few lists in the Horror genre this week. The Horror Online let us know When Not To Watch a Horror Film and presented us with their Worst Horror Movie Reactions (see Paris Hilton pic left), Vic’s Movie Den listed his Top Horror Movies for the Newbies! while parlor of horror also delved into that same topic with their Top ‘Introduction to Horror’ Films – What’s Yours? as well as their Horror Movie Watcher… peeves


1matrixStaying on the topic of lists, here are a few others that were very interesting…Hard Ticket to Home Video uploaded some Great Movie Gag ReelsFlixchatter choose her Top Ten: Memorable Wedding Scenes, Cinema Train’s gave us 15 Reasons for Brazil, The Cinema Monster picked his Top 10 Hard to Watch Films, It Rains…You Get Wet listed his 13 Favorite Howard Hawks Films and Keith and the Movies posted his 5 Phenomenal Movie Car Crashes. One of the funniest lists I saw last week was We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Blog with their 5 movie characters in serious need of some dental work. Find out who made the list here: 01, 02, 03, 04, and 05. Tyson over at Head In A Vice had Lasers, Monsters and Barbarians oh, my! and Bride of the Book God picking their favorite 8 films for his Desert Island Films feature and beautifulorange shared with us the stuff that inspired him Apocalypse Now and 2001 A Space Odyssey. Nice work!

Okay two weeks of blogging news done!


Thanks for reading everyone, I hope I didn’t forget anyone and if I did I’m terribly sorry. If you would like to be included or excluded from this or future posts, please let me know. Did you miss any of the previous issues of Fueled by Film? Well you can check them out here…Issue 01, Issue 02, Issue 03, Issue 04 and Issue 05.


Okay Kirk, it’s over now. Oh wait no….I’d also like to thank my Hipsters for Day this week – James Walpole from Mr Rumsey’s Film Related Musings who reviewed Public Enemies as well as Michael Ferraro from Cinematic Flashback who reviewed The Last Boy Scout. I would also like to thank my Texting Tuesday’s interview participants Misty from Cinema Schminema and Brian from Hard Ticket to Home Video who did an awesome job, I had a lot of fun. Now we’re done Kirk.

Until next time my cinephiliacs! Keep up the good work.


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  1. Yep, still one of my favorite reads! Great job.

  2. Once again, thanks so much for the shout-outs! Such a great segment, good on ya!

  3. Nice job right here man! Appreciate the link love as well!

  4. a fun post! and nice work on the chart! Wow!

  5. These are so much fun to read! Once more and with feeling, thanks so much for including me in this, my friend.

  6. Every time I think I can do a community feature like this, I actually see the work you do and I’m blown away. Looks like a legit publication… thus, I am jealous. Great job, Chris. Thanks for the mention.

  7. Thanks for the mention, Chris! Love the graph. As I’ve been a bit absent this week, this is going to be great to catch up on some reads I’ve missed :)

  8. Ah, wonderful way to start the morning! I just think the layout is awesome, and I really do appreciate the work that you put into it. What have you done to yourself?! It sounds like we have withdrawals when you don’t give us the weekly!

  9. Looks like a very professional publication! Thanks for the mention. :)

  10. I almost pisses me off how good this is. It’s become the highlight of my week. It’s knocked my weekly viewing of Tango and Cash into second place :)

  11. Awesome job as always, Chris! Thanks for the shout-out! Great links this week, and I loved the quote you featured. It’s nice to see all the love for Into Darkness.

  12. Wooow, so many great links again! It will keep me busy for a while. Good Job Chris and thnx for the mention!

  13. Very much appreciate the benefit of the doubt on The Hangover :) I know my opinion seems to be unpopular, but I honestly think that people who loved the first movie but were disappointed with the second will find this to be a step in the right direction for the franchise, even if it comes a bit too late.

    Btw, as usuall I absolutely LOVE the star trek graphic, I’d take your graphics over a tomato score any day!

  14. These “Cinephiles under review” posts are great. Thanks for the mention. I LOVED Star Trek and your graphic is awesome!!

    • Thanks Mark, I could sense how much you loved In Darkness in your review.

      Spock did most of the work in the Trekkie category so he deserves most of the credit. :)

  15. Man you get through a shed load of blogs! Awesome work Chris :)

  16. This was a really great read! And thanks for including my posts! :)

  17. Great work again bro! With my absence recently, you’ve managed to condense what I missed in one fellow swoop. Bravo sir!

  18. Awesome post, as always! Really enjoyed reading it and the Star treck Warp factor is an amazing graphic! Thank you for the shoutout, means alot! Look forward for the next one :)

  19. Thanks for the shout out! Glad I’m not alone with Gatsby.

  20. Thanks! I look forward to the Fueled By Film post each Friday.

  21. If you join The LAMB and this doesn’t win Best Recurring Feature next year then we’ve failed as a blogging community.

  22. That looks like a lot of work. :) Well done. And thanks for the mention.

  23. Great work again! :-) I always love reading these and clicking all the links. And thanks for the mention of all my Star Trek reviews & the Alice Eve underwear thing. Lol! I’m becoming known for my “underwear” posts…

  24. Seriously, these posts are incredible… I’m with Kirk, there’s more links than tribbles! (LOL, nice pic). Thanks for the congratulations and for the linkage, I appreciate it.

    Love the Star Trek reviews chart… very nicely done!

  25. As always, fantastic stuff here man! So many great articles. I’ll be busy this weekend for sure!

  26. WHOAH!!! You came back from relaxing by the pool to create such an EPIC post!!! LOVE it! Thanks for the multiple link loves, very honored. Superb Spock infographic btw, LOVE it! Your Fueled by Film posts are da bomb, Chris, man YOU should’ve won Best Community Builder every year :D


    You’re going to have to take another vacation to recover from putting this together!

  28. Yeah, I was wondering where this post was last week. Glad to see it back. Good stuff. :)

  29. Fun post, I like that mostly positive reviews for Into Darkness :D

    Weird that the links don’t get pingbacks. Can’t wait for my shitfest post to go up :D

  30. Great post. There are still three more parts to “Why Bryan Singer Shouldn’t Have Made ‘Superman Returns’” coming soon.

  31. Wow, Hipster!

    A very full, detailed and informative post. I would expect no less from you and all the linked love prior to a major weekend of heavy hitters!

  32. Thanks for the ping back, and great Capt. Kirk comment.

    You referenced so many cool articles and post here I think it’s going to take me all week to read everything I’m interested in.

    Thanks for this.

  33. Good to see this feature come back after a week’s break. For a while, I thought I’d had one of my “episodes” where a week goes missing from my life! ;)

    Thanks for the linkage, although I’m disappointed to have missed out on your Star Trek Into Darkness chart thingy! My review for the film will go up some time tomorrow!

  34. Great write up Chris, as always! You are a master at this! Thanks for mentioning my little blog. I know I don’t write about the latest movies, but it’s sweet (and funny) to see where and what category you put it at. I’m planning a Forest Gump one soon, so you can put it under some crazy category, I don’t care. Just for laughs, haha!

  35. Victor De Leon

    God, Hipster, I love these posts and I haven’t commented on any of them. Shame on me. Awesome job! These are so much fun to go through and read. I get so much more info off of these posts you do than any other place. Don’t ever stop! Thanks and I appreciate the mentions very much!

  36. Thanks for the mentions, buddy!! I appreciate it :) And awesome work on the Star Trek chart! Great design. It’s only logical to think Spock would approve ;)

  37. Thanks for the mention! :) I’m glad to see Star Trek Into Darkness getting good reviews from bloggers! The new Trek film was my most anticipated film this year, and so far it’s my favorite. Looking forward to seeing what else the summer brings! :)

  38. Thanks for the mention, man. Very well-done once again. :)

  39. Damn. That’s about all I can say about this. Damn! Very nice work, my man. And thanks for the love

  40. All that matters here is I was the first mention. I stopped reading then, obviously ;)

    Thanks buddy, love seeing my little boy/girl at the top there. and this really is a terrific post. Kudos to you sir :)

  41. Love the blog and thanks for the mention. What a fun read!

  42. Thanks for the reference. The Early Bird blog can now say we’re a warp…

    Very excited about V/H/S 2 this year. Got my fingers crossed they’ll show it at Monster Fest in Melbourne this year.

  43. Great job! I’m only just coming out of a temporary hibernation, should be blogging again soon, and this list will help me catch up :D

  44. Thanks so much for the link, man! Awesome Star Trek chart, too :D

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