Pusher 2 [2004]

Pusher 2Many of the cast were not actors, but real criminals. Vasilije Bojicic who played Vanja was sentenced to eight years in prison for smuggling heroin across Denmark.


Film #148 of 2013

Pusher 2Director: Nicolas Winding Refn  Cast: Mads Mikkelsen [Tonny], Zlatko Buric [Milo] & Leif Sylvester [Smeden]

Plot: Tony is released from prison – again. This time he has his mind set on changing his broken down life, but that is easier said than done. Source IMDB.com

80Hipster Review: Dark, dirty and tragic – Nicolas Winding Refn maintains a pervading sensation of paranoia and unrest until the last blood-stained act…although the second installment of the Pusher series isn’t as action packed as the first, Mads Mikkelsen makes up for that with a particularly riveting performance of a deadbeat ‘bottom of the rung’ loser. Watched June 06, 2013.

Pusher 2


“You don’t steal a fucking Ferrari, unless someone’s ordered it!” Smeden



  • Car jacking, porn, The Duke, Scag and changing a babies diaper (with the help of instructions)
  • There’s a character named Ø, that’s cool
  • More glimpses of Refn’s brilliant style leading up to ‘Drive’, particularity the 80′s soundtrack
  • The BMW break-in and get away
  • Who doesn’t enjoy their cocaine and corn flakes in the morning?

Biggest Surprise: How magnetic Mads Mikkelsen can be when given the proper character.

Biggest Let Down: It can get a little ‘Coronation Street’ish’…the unrated version.

Does the guy get the hot girl in the end? Tonny can’t get anything right so don’t get your hopes up.

Worth a Blu-ray purchase? I’m still waiting patiently for the box set of the trilogy.

Similar to: Pusher [1996], Pusher 3 [2005].

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Thanks for stopping by. Until next time my car jacking friends, Chris

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  1. I need to see both of these really bad. Only Refn films I haven’t checked out yet.

  2. Yeah, my favorite of the three. And I think that’s all mainly because of Mads and how great he is as Tonny. Good review.

  3. You have really put me up to getting my hands on this trilogy. Mads Mikkelsen is actually pretty good!

  4. Man, Mikkelsen with a shaved head looks crazy! Definitely gonna have to track down this trilogy.

  5. I really like Mads Mikkelsen and I’ve not seen him as a “bad guy” before. Infact it seems I’ve been missing out as I’ve not seen any films by this Refn guy. Thanks for the directions, Chris.

  6. I shaved my head like that for my brothers wedding. I regret nothing. Aside from the photos…….

  7. Nice review. I’m going to have to check out some of Refn’s other work, he really is a great director.

  8. The power went out when I went to comment on this earlier. Doesn’t look like it took.

    Pusher would be a good name for a porn.

  9. “Many of the cast were not actors, but real criminals.” Wow, that reminds me of Caesar Must Die, an Italian film I saw during MSP film fest last year. Mads is such an incredible actor, I love how he could balance indie and mainstream films. Great review Chris!

  10. Even with two eyes I loved Mads in this film.

  11. I have yet to see any of Refn’s pusher trilogy but having a growing interest in this filmakers style in telling a story. I was blown away by DRIVE and even more so with Only God Forgives. His films are rammed with ambiguity and metaphors forcing the audience to work hard to decipher what its all about. I will defo look this series out soon.

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