Pusher 3 [2005]

Pusher 3Nicolas W. Refn had to take the film to jail so recently imprisoned Ilyas Agac (Lille Mohammed) could see the final product.


Film #149 of 2013

Pusher 3Director: Nicolas Winding Refn  Cast: Zlatko Buric [Milo], Marinela Dekic [Milena] & Slavko Labovic [Radovan]

Plot: In this third installment of the ‘Pusher’ trilogy, we follow Milo (‘Zlatko Buric’), the drug lord from the two first films. He is aging, he is planning his daughter’s 25th birthday and his shipment of heroin turns out to be 10.000 pills of ecstasy. Source IMDB.com

80Hipster Review: Not Refn’s best, but the final piece to his Pusher trilogy, set in the same dreary Copenhagen, was disturbingly fascinating and had that same intensified build up to tragedy…the scope of characters wasn’t as broad as its processors but its lead Zlatko Burik was so impeccably twisted that I wanted more. Watched June 07, 2013.

Pusher 3


“Are you getting a modern haircut? He has a Mohawk. Sell ecstasy with a Beckham haircut then you’re the man.” Branko



  • Draining, gutting and garbage disposal
  • Serenity prayers at the NA-meeting (apparently the extras were real drug-addicts)
  • The King Kong of Copenhagen, Kurt the Cunt and bad Shawarma
  • Ecstasy, Speed, Heroine and Coke
  • A drug lord trying to stay clean

Biggest Surprise: A lot more gruesome and ominous than the first two.

Biggest Let Down: A little less emotional than the first two.

Does the guy get the hot girl in the end? This tale of drugs and human trafficking comes without a love story.

Worth a Blu-ray purchase? Yup, still waiting for that box set.

Similar to: Pusher [1996], Pusher 2 [2004].

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  1. Another day, another Pusher film, another film I need to add to my watch list.

  2. Great trilogy of work there my friend.

  3. You’ve well and truly sold this trilogy to me. Hadn’t really considered too much before but looks like something I’ll really like. Nice work Chris.

  4. I am so getting in on these…

  5. I saw the first Pusher a couple years ago, but never got around to seeing the sequels. Glad to hear all three are high quality.

  6. I love films from Copenhagen and this looks raw and real. I haven’t seen the trilogy. When I feel dark and bad-ass, I will rent the three and watch them. Seems like a trilogy you have to be in a certain mood to fully appreciate.

  7. Seriously, the lack of a box set blu-ray collection is a cinematic travesty. Nice Review Broham

  8. Yes, I’m sold. Drive is on my list and all three of these.

  9. No post today??

  10. Yup! All three are on my list, Chris. Sounds like my kinda deal. Good work, sir.

  11. Still haven’t seen these films. Great write ups on all three of them! :)

  12. Damn…that trailer is messed up.
    I may be scared for life…

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